June 2018  
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Hands Across Nanjemoy
Connie Gilroy



When Jesus commisssioned His disciples to be witnesses for Him in Acts 1:8 He made it clear that missions work begins at home.  This year we have a wonderful opportunity to become missionaries in our own community.

Hands Across Nanjemoy is an opportunity to be the church in our community. 

Our previous mission was to select one week during the summer doing service projects for our neighbors in need.  We have expanded on that mission to serve the community all year long.  What we mean by that is, we as a church want to be ready, willing and able to mobilize immediately in times of weather related disasters such as severe storms, blizzards, hurricanes that cause power outages or minor property damage.  We'll mobilize a team of volunteers to check on church members and the community, providing for their needs, if any. Our goal is to simply let the community know we're there to help.  This could mean supplying water, ice, sandwiches, or small jobs such as property clean up and small repairs to those affected.

If you would like to be part of the mobilization team, please let Connie know.  We will put together a list and contact a few, or all volunteers depending on the extent of the need.